Draw a Bird, October 2018

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This little bird frequents our yard feeders, although I’m not sure if it is a house finch or a purple finch. One recent morning I found him sitting in the grass, obviously distressed. I placed some seed near him hoping that he would recover from whatever happened. Some of his feathers seemed out of place, and I suspected he flew into the screened porch or perhaps had a run in with the neighbor cat or some other creature.

I watched out for him all day, but later that afternoon he was no longer in the grass. However, to my surprise, he was sitting in the clear-view feeder attached to the window. Still looking rather ruffled, I was glad to know that at least he could fly and get to the food himself.

Draw a Bird, October 2018, Finch Draw a Bird, October 2018, Finch

That was weeks ago, and I see him each day at the…

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